Samsung Galaxy Gio Custom ROM GIOPRO v1.0 (GINGERBREAD)


  • Deodexed
  • a2sd darktremor enabled
  • Rooted
  • Added some Live Wallpaper
    Galaxy, Grass, Nexus, Polar Clock, Water
  • Added some App
    Facebook, Tweeter, Google Maps 5.6.0
  • Added boot animation with sound
  • Removed some unwanted App

Download Samsung Galaxy Gio Custom ROM GIOPRO v1.0 (GINGERBREAD)

Note: It`s more better if you partition the SDcard before installing the GioPro ROM.
how to partition SDcard

How to install GioPro

  1. Make sure that the Samsung galaxy GIO is off, press the Home button + Volume [-] + Power until it says downloading …
  2. GIO galaxy Connect to the computer
  3. Open Odin and insert the files

    OPS = GIO_v1.0.ops
    Boot = APBOOT_S5660XXKPA_CL258140_REV03_user_low_true.tar.md5
    Phone = MODEM_S5660XXKP7_CL258140_REV03.tar.md5
    PDA = gioPRO_v1.0.tar.md5
    CSC = GT-S5660-csc-SERKP4.tar.md5

  4. Click Start and wait until the finish, Galaxy GIO will automatically reboot.
  5. To enable a2sd, run the following command through the ADB. (which does not mengertii ADB click here)

    adb shell
    su (superuser request at HP in Allow)
    a2sd cachesdreset

  6. For those who like extreme app2sd (data2sd) add the following command:

    a2sd datasd

  7. Process is complete.
  8. If you are unsure a2sdnya successful or not, run this command

    a2sd check

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