Samsung Galaxy Gio Flashing tutorial

Flashing Samsung Galaxy gio via KIES & ODIN

Update (Online) via KIES

  1. Open the latest Kies (must be the latest)
  2. GIO Galaxy Connect to PC
  3. Kies detect the latest firmware
    kies gio
  4. Click Update.
  5. The firmware download process by Kies (wait until finish)
  6. GIO will restart and the note Downloading.
  7. Once completed the GIO will restart again.
  8. Backup process (if that has been backing up data).
  9. Done.

The solution when Upgrade via Kies is Stuck

  1. If more than 5 minutes the firmware update process is still at 0% / stuck and samsung galaxy gio remain in a state  ‘DOWNLOAD mode “, please unplug the USB cable. remove the battery and then put it back.
  2. Close Kies and the Updater with ALT + F4 until no longer Kies window.
  3. Then run Kies, there will be a failed firmware update notices, and offered to do an emergency firmware recovery.
  4. Next up are required to run Kies into recovery mode (download mode)
  5. Make sure that the Galaxy Gio is off and there is no usb cable is attached.
  6. Press the volume down + home + power button simultaneously
  7. make sure it says Downloading … Gio screen.
  8. reconnect the USB to  Gio.
  9. Press Retry to window “Emergency Firmware Recovery”
  10. Updates will begin to take place, there will be no downloading of data. those data have been downloaded previously, and stored in the cache
  11. Wait until the download is complete .. update done

Flashing Firmware (Offline) via Odin

  1. Run Odin
  2. Click “select ops”, choose GIO_v1.0.ops
  3. Check One Package
  4. Click “one package” button
  5. Choose file Galaxy Gio S5660 Firmware S5660DXKC3 Full Pack
  6. Unplug micro SD and turn off samsung galaxy gio
  7. Press volume down + home + power (Galaxy Gio will boot as download mode)
  8. Connect Galaxy Gio to PC and wait until the device detect in Odin
  9. Start and wait until it`s done

The solution when Upgrade via Odin is Stuck

Are you already try this?

  • Reinstall with the latest Kies
  • Update Driver from kies
  • Recheck the Odin
  • Restart PC
  • Change the USB Port
  • etc

Solution : Try another PC that never install with Kies!
Reason : Some file may conflict or corrupted when the download process is fail.

Usefull Software

  1. The lastest KIES
  2. Samsung USB driver
  3. Odin Multi Downloader 4.4.2
  4. file OPS (for Froyo and Gingerbread)
  5. MyPhoneExplorer 1.8 (Access SDCARD, backup sms, phone number etc, using PC/Laptop without mounting sdcard)

Download support file / application

Video tutorial Flashing (Offline) dengan ODIN Onepackage & Non-onepackage

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