Samsung Galaxy SII unROOT to default firmware

This tutorial how to remove a yellow triangle during Booting on the device that already root / flash.

Yellow triangle does not affect the performance of your Samsung Galaxy SII, only appears when the initial boot only.

method I

Condition : Samsung galaxy SII already Root and Yellow triangle appear.
note: If you are using CF-kernel, ClockworkMod is already include

  1. donlot .Zip file
  2. Extract the file until you got file zImage
  3. Flash using ClockWorkMod from chainfire == select flash kernel -> select zimage that you got from step above.
  4. wait until the reboot -> yellow triangle will disappeared
  5. Your Samsung Galaxy SII you will be back to unroot condition again because you using the stock kernel.
  6. If you want root your galaxy SII again, use the ClockworkMod to flash the kernel that already root (ex CF-root)
  7. after reboot the yellow triangle will gone.

method II

Condition: Your current kernel is DXKG3 rooted with a yellow triangle
note: DXKG3 is an example, change the root kernel version that used by your android now.

  1. extract DXKG3 file until you meet the file zImage.
  2. put the zImage DXKG3 file on sdcard (do not inserted into the folder)
  3. Sign ClockWorkMod recovery (orange color) select “install zip from SDCard”
  4. Select the file zImage DXKG3.
  5. Your condition remains the root (no icon SuperUser) but without CWM recovery orange color.
  6. extract KG3 CF-Root file until meet zImage file.
  7. put zImage KG3 file in the CF-sdcard root (do not be put into a folder)
  8. Go to ClockWorkMod select “install zip from SDCard”
  9. your SGS2 device condition ROOT without YELLOW TRIANGLE and ClockWorkMod recovery orange color reappeared

Read these to know your kernel type
Find the kernel type that suit for your device

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