Samsung Galaxy Y (GT-S5360)

samsung galaxy yNow, young people market enlivened with qualified and affordable smartphone. Samsung release Samsung Galaxy Y (GT-S5360), Y for Young, for this market as continuation after Galaxy Mini as low-end android smartphone. MT7W47GVVJG3


Chrome contour Material; 104 x 58 x 11.5 mm ; Weight 97 Gram

See from design, Samsung Galaxy Y has simple performance similar with Galaxy Ace but smaller. All smartphone body made from plastic, with unique contour chrome material on back casing giving convenience when held and scratches resistance.

Unfortunately microSD memory slot don’t has hot-swap, so you must open the back cover to access memory card. In front side we have earpiece and sensor proximity to turn off screen. On bottom side, it has two capacitive buttons as a shortcut setting and back, and main button as adjust button.


TouchWiz 3.0; 4 slide sheet page menu(3 x 4 moda grid)

Like other Samsung smartphone series, new 2.3.5 Gingerbread versions with TouchWiz 3.0 already support Samsung Galaxy Y. TouchWiz interface become Samsung smartphone default, with 7 page homescreen which is could add items as widget, shortcut, and folder. Live wallpaper can use in Samsung Galaxy Y interface.

Menu display has translucent black color, personalized icons, and slide sheet amount could increase represent icon, especially if you are an active downloader. Android default notification bar supports give information and connectivity option. For display it just sweeps your finger up to down.


Screen 3.0” ; QVGA TFT LCD Resolution 320X240 pixel; 256 K

Samsung Galaxy Y has high sharpness and brightness screen, but looking to long make your eyes tired.
It has three default input methods, DioPen Chinese, Samsung Keypad and Swipe. For Samsung keypad, it has four position portrait types, which is Qwerty keypad, 3×4 Keypad, Handwritting box 1, and Handwritting box 2.

For landscape position, it has full QWERTY keyboard, we do trial for typing on Samsung Galaxy Y capacitive screen, it so responsive taking finger tap and touch without any trouble.

About Contact & Messaging

SMS, MMS, Email, IM ; Gmail; Integration Contact: Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft Exchange, Samsung Account.

For contact, you can swipe to left for make a call and swipe right to SMS. Every contact has four tabs, Info, History, Activities and Media. Writing MMS just add image, video and audio media attachment when do it.

Interesting you’ll don’t have to search for recipient telephone number, just tap microphone logo in virtual keypad panel than say it the name. the device will scanning your voice and automatically find the name.

Gmail interface in Samsung Galaxy Y similar with others Android device default. Gtalk support as instant messaging default application, if you’ll want to use another IM visit Android Market for download it.

Internet and Connection

Quad Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz / EDGE / UMTS (3G) / HSDPA; Connection : WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, WiFi Tethering , A- GPS, Bluetooth v3.0 ; Internet: HSDPA 900/2100 MHz (7.2Mbps); CPU: ARMV compatible processor rev 5(V61); 832MHz;Single Core; SDK Version: 2.3.5 Gingerbread; RAM 256MB, 164MB storage

For connecting PC or just charging, microUSB port available. Located in back cover and can accommodate into 32 GB storage.
Samsung Galaxy Y browser does not support flash, so Youtube video display can not seeing as in desktop version. Browser performance fairly fast to perform web page, also support multi tab which is can open four tab in same time.

2MP Fixed Focus Support

Camera: SCN (landscape, night, party);Brightness(1-9);resolution option 2MP (1600×1200 pixel), 1,3 (1280×960 pixel), VGA (640×480 pixel): Video : QVGA 320×240 15fps resolution.

Samsung Galaxy Y camera not far different with Galaxy Mini camera which is only fixed focus camera without flash, beside that camera resolution were decrease compare with Galaxy Mini. You’ll have to insert memory card if using camera features. Indoor photo result looking sharp, for outdoor photo result has detail image even still a little foggy.

For video player, it has goods enough recording quality. Gallery menu has nice performs to open image and video. You’ll not find video player icon in Samsung Galaxy Y, so video played through gallery.
Samsung Galaxy Young video player able to plays MP4, avid and WMV.

Music player

FM Radio; Audio Player (EQ Setting, album art)

Samsung Galaxy Young audio player perform as Android default with channels 5.1 support. This audio player produces sounds with 3D effect and will affect using headset.

It has good and strong speaker quality, audio player skin when played song similar with iOS display. It also can display album art from playing track. For entertain alternative, FM Radio becoming choices, plug in headset as antenna, for destination channel tap panel turner. You’ll can find 4 shortcut channels to your favorite’s station. FM Radio output could be heard through headset or loudspeaker.

Default Applications

QuickOffice, Latitude, Places, Navigation, News&Weather, Voice Search, Social Hub, Voice Recorder.

Support with QuickOffice, beside Android OS standard applications. It’s a free version and also has fairly fast and accurate A-GPS to display map into smaller street.


Benchmark Aurora Softwork ; Pass Mark Performance Test Mobile BETA; Benchmark SpeedTest

Based on Quandrant Standard, Samsung Galaxy Y has 1000 point far beyond Samsung Galaxy S and Nexus One. For data processing speed with Benchmark SpeedTest, download speed is 3761 kbps and data upload 8644 kbps. For CPU performance when testing with Pass Mark Performance Test Mobile BETA, it result 547 point.

Conclusion of Samsung Galaxy Y

With upgraded specification such as bigger processor into 832 MHz and lighter weight from Galaxy Mini become only 97.5 gram, Samsung Galaxy Y could be new entry level idols. Especially has Gingerbread device with quite high processor with low price.

The advantage and disadvantage from Samsung Galaxy Y


  • Complete connection lines.
  • Complete features
  • OS Android Gingerbread
  • Fast internet
  • Capacitive Responsive Screen.


  • No front camera.
  • No hot-swap microSD memory slot.
samsung galaxy y

Samsung Galaxy Y (GT-S5360)

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