samsung GT-I9003 (Galaxy SL)

  • Handset
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Data cable
  • Garanty Card
  • Manual

  • 3G
  • WIFI
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS internal
  • Data Cable
  • Navigator Application
  • Open OS
  • Browser

Plus Minus
  • Android 2.2
  • SC-LCD Screen
  • No flash light
  • No Shutter button

dimension 12.37 x 6.42 x 1.06 cm, weight 131 gr, display Gorilla Glass, glossy plastic Backdoor
From design Galaxy SL identical with the previous series. The Difference lies in the new dimension and feel when it`s hold . Despite using the same material, it`s more heavy, Galaxy SL feels more solid and steady than the Galaxy S. Unfortunately the camera shutter button on this series still not found.
SC-LCD capacitive touch screen, 16 million colors, 4 inch, 480×800 pixel
although the level below S-AMOLED, but that does not mean SC-LCD has ussual quality.From display the Galaxy SL is better than LCD screens found on smartphones at same class
OS and Menu
Android Froyo (v2.2), Touch UI WIZ, 7 homescreen panels, 4 in bottom of the screen shortcut on the homescreen and the main menu
Compared with the Eclair version (2.1) in Galaxy S,the experience is almost the same. What distinguishes it is the notification tab is now added a toggle auto rotation. In addition, Samsung also adds built-in task manager that is not found in previous versions
Video recorder
Quality HD 720 p maximum resolution (1280×720 pixels) @ 30fps
such as Galaxy S phone is also able to record HD video resolution. You can also apply one from four choices effect

White balance settings, video quality, contrast, saturation, and sharpness can be accessed by pressing a virtual button setting in the corner of the screen exam

Dual-band GSM, tri-band HSPDA, Bluetooth 3.0 A2DP, microUSB 2.0, WiFi, DLNA, mobile AP, Tethering
the interesting part of this sector, of course, the car features the AP and tethering. those two basically work is same feature that is dividing line operator owned by another device.

The different is Mobile AP using WiFi while tethering using USB . both can run trough settings> wiureless and network

HTML browser, flash player 10.2, multi-windows browsing, pinch zooming
SL galaxy browser already supports adobe flash 10.2. you can freely choose portrait or landscape display orientation by rotating the phone when the surf.

also equipped with Internet-based applications such as gmail. search google, google place, gtalk and youtube

6 audio effects, 9 eqalizer, audio effects, 5.1 channel, mp3, amr, wav
initial view displays the entire song. ability to sort. album art visualization

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