Samsung Nexus S OEM unlock and ClockWorkMod Recovery install(i9020T only)


  • Installed Android SDK
  • Download and extract recovery-clockwork-, placed the img file inside android-sdk-windows/tools and rename it become recovery.img

Unlock OEM Samsung Nexus S

  1. Turn off Nexus S
  2. Connect Nexus S to PC/laptop
  3. Press and hold Power + Volume[+] buttons until the bootloader interface loaded.
  4. At Nexus S Screen, you`ll see LOCK STATE – LOCKED
  5. In windows, go to device manager (my computer > right click > properties > hardware > device manager )
  6. Find the device (android phone), then right click and select Update Driver Software
  7. Choose “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer
  8. Give file path to android-sdk-windows\google-usb_driver
  9. Select Android Bootloader Interface
  10. If it`s installed poperly, at device manager will end up like this. 
  11. Open command prompt (start > run, type: cmd)
  12. Change work path and unlock oem

    cd c:\android-sdk-windows\tools
    fastboot oem unlock

  13. the confirmation for unlock will show at nexus screen
  14. Select YES, btw it will wipe all your data, make sure that you have the backup
  15. Wait until complete confirmation come up
  16. A confirmation ‘LOCK STATE – UNLOCKED’ will show on screen, go to next steps

Install ClockWorkMod Recovery

  1. back to command prompt to install CWM Recovery, type

    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

  2. Wait for cwm installation successed report
  3. Reboot and done …

Do With Your Own Risk

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