SDcard partition using Gparted live

In some case you`ll find that the partition that you have made has gone. A big problem for Link2SD or A2SD users, because the application that already move to SDcard will not run properly. Mostly this case show up when using minitools partition wizard.

This tutorial can be use for windows and linux user.


  • A flashdisk (min 1GB)
  • SDcard (that already have partitions)
  • Card reader
  • Tuxboot application
  • Gparted Live

How to Partition SDcard using Gparted

  1. Plugin your flashdisk to pc / laptop
  2. Insert the SDcard to cardreader, plug in to your pc / laptop
  3. Run Tuxboot application
  4. In Diskimage select ISO
  5. then save as ISO file
  6. next step, extracting path, select flashdisk
  7. now wait with patience until the process is done
  8. If you see this … that`s mean it`s Success
  9. Select Reboot Now
  10. Your Pc/ Laptop will reboot, wait after the bios show up, press “Del” or “F2” (depend what kind pc/laptop). Do this before windows logo is show up.
  11. If the previous step is success, you`ll boot in BIOS mode, change the first boot to Flashdisk
  12. Exit and Save setting from BIOS
  13. Your Pc/Laptop will boot from flashdisk that already install with Gpartedlive
  14. Select your language (33 for english)
  15. then insert number 0
  16. Gpartedlive will load.
  17. At Top right corner, select the SDcard location
  18. Select all partition inside SDcard and then click “Partition” at top menu.
  19. You can rezise or move the partition.
  20. After Resize process there will be 2 partition
  21. Select first partition, Partition -> Format to -> FAT32
  22. Select second partition, Partition -> Format to -> EXT2 or EXT4 (up to you).
  23. Check all option, and wait until the process is done.

Don`t forget to change the BIOS first boot after all is done.

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