Simpligio v1.2 custom ROM samsung Galaxy Gio


Advantages simpligio v1.2

  • The status icons and the lock screen, would like more transparent notification screen.
  • Samsung Gio more ok to use this rom
  • responponsif
  • ram management is good
  • nice display
  • resource management is good battery makes the battery more durable.

Some problems / bugs

  1. download the latest features & recovery that can be accessed from the power button is not appropriate. so if you select the “recovery”, then it will reboot samsung Gio. and if you select “download”  it will go into recovery mode.
  2. market application error, always force close. I’ve tried using the market from the simpligio + but to no avail, even using the market from xda forum still force close.
  3. It`s seem this rom does not support “a2sd darktreamor”. though it was run script “”, but still can not active.  from the warnings in the terminal, error was found is there is no partition. but when trying the command: “df”, partition / mnt / SDCard / SD already exists, with the ext2 filesystem size & correct
simpiligio v1.2 custom ROM samsung galaxy GIO (782 downloads)


  • Extract the files SimpliGio.v.1.2.tar.bz2 until you get 4 file extension the md5
  • Flashing the full package using odin.

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