Smartphone as canvas painter and notes

smartphone canvas
Using smartphone, tablet PC or iPhone for canvas or notes.
Using a tablet PC or a touch screen smartphone as a canvas to scribble a functional depends on the application being used. fortunately most of smartphones with touch screen today has been installed this kind of the application.

Smartphone for the architects, painters, sculptors or similar professions, an application like this is very practical and helpful on their works because they no longer need to carry a sketchbook. Field workers who need a hand notes are also more practical especially for those who are not comfortable with typing using the virtual keyboard on smartphone screen.

Some of the smartphone by default or iPhone already have an painter applications in their system.

Obstacles that may occur when using smartphone as canvas is a form of an imprecise or inconsistent with that we expect. It’s too big because of our fingers and touch on many areas on the smartphone screen. perhaps For be easier and more accurate is better to use the stylus. These can be purchased separately at nearby computer stores.

Smartphone Application for android User

For smartphone users with the android operating system, you can look at android market. some may be paid, but some are free.
some applications you can try is sketchbook, canvas, Canvas Memo AD

Smartphone Application for iOS (iphone) User

For iPhone users , you can look at apple store. some may be paid, but some are free.
some applications you can try is Sketch Pad 3, OilCanvas, Intaglio Sketchpad Lite

Actually is not only the smartphone applications above are able to that task but there is a lot of similar applications on the android market similar or apple store.

You can choose the smartphone applications that have tools that suit for your works or make you feel comfortable when using those application in your smartphone.

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