Sony Ericsson xperia arc Notification Bar Mod

This notification bar mod is like that you saw in HTC UI, it`s make us more easy to access toggle functions such as wifi, flight mode, mobile data etc


  • Root explorer (or similiar application)
  • Sony Ericsson ARC ROM .238 .42 .58 (this that already test)
  • Download and extract

How to Install Notification Bar Mod

  1. Using RootExplorer go to system/app
  2. Find SystemUI.apk, and make file backup (can rename or copy paste to SDcard Root)
  3. Inside extarct folder you`ll find SystemUI.apk, copy those file.
  4. paste to system.
  5. Change SystemUI.apk permission become rw-r–r-
  6. After the permission is changed, copy those file.
  7. paste to system/app (overwrite the old ones).
  8. Reboot the sony experia arc

enjoy the new notification bar.

Do With Your Own Risk

note: Maybe some people start asking why it`s copy to /system/ first? it`s more easier to overwrite the file in /system/app then change the permission. Please don`t do that, when you overwrite the new file without change the permission first, your arc will hang.

Download Support Files

credits to rablex xda

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