Sony Xperia Z3 Troubleshooting


Here is some troubles that may occur in Sony Xperia Z3 device, by users experiance.

Moisture camera

This problem occur after Sony Xperia z3 soaked in water in hot condition. The temperature difference that change so fast create a condition that make moisture in camera. To prevent this from happen, never put xperia Z3 into the water after you using the device after long call or run some heavy application such as play games.

Waterproof failed

Water is enter to Sony Xperia Z3 device, this can cause various damages for device. So, make sure that all ports are closed before you make it dive. for first aid, put (buried) your device in silica gels or rice and hope the water inside the device is absorb by them. If the first aid fail, service center is your last hope.

The screen suddenly blank

When the screen suddenly blank during in use, try to restart the device by pressing the power button + volume[+] buttons simultaneously. This problem usually occurs in early firmware. This problem is gone after the firmware is updated.

Gap between Screen and Frame

There is a gap between the screen and the frame. Judging from the location of the different gap almost certainly this is a manufacturing defect. The gap also encountered in other Sony Xperia Z series (z1 and z2). The gap the gap does not affect the ability of waterproof.

Solution: Replace the new units to the seller
Before deciding to replace the device, make sure that the gap is not disturbing the appearance , if it is not too distracting then there is not a problem.
Try to make it dive several times, if the seals still in good condition then it means the gaps does not a problem too.

Spot Pink / Pink Shading

Some users have an Xperia Z3 Pink spots or pink shading on camera. Not yet known whether this is a hardware problem or a software only (can be fixed with a firmware update).
Temporary solution: Replace the new unit when disturbs

Sony Xperia Z3 Troubleshooting

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