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OverClocking Samsung Galaxy W

Overclock is a method to push the device performance to max. The advantages is device will […]

HTC Sensation CID and MID number

Preparation Download and extract adb, place the extract folder in place that east to path (ex: […]

Transparant Status Bar in Android

How to make transparent status bar in android?

Install ADB in Windows 7

In this Tutorial, how to install ADB using android-sdk_r08-windows.zip may be slightly different from the official tutorial.

Deodexing Android Device

What is Deodexing? Apk files have respective odexes that devs use to supposedly save space. Deodexing […]

Darktremor for android

What is darktremor? This is Darktremor Apps2SD, a multipurpose program that primarily allows a user to […]

Samsung Galaxy Gio custom ROM GioPro v1.2

Whats new? GioPro v1.2 Base on S5660XXKQ6 MIUI Music Maps 5.8.0 WITH NAVIGATION New Market SuperUser […]

Samsung Galaxy Gio Custom ROM GIOPRO v1.1 (GINGERBREAD)

Whats new?

GioPRO Custom Rom for Galaxy GIO GT-S5660