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Meizu M9 driver installation

Preparation Download and install SDK manager Download and extract M9-usb_driver x86_x64 Install Meizu M9 driver to […]

Fix Android Smartphone Low Speaker Volume

Read at forum, some user has troubled with their speaker output sound. In some case the […]

A little tips for Samsung Galaxy W I8150

As i knew, Samsung Galaxy W have two variant color. which one is better? There is […]

Fix Motorola Photon Playing Youtube video Issue

Sometime open youtube video in Motorola Photon some problem occur such as, always loading but video […]

Unlock Motorola Photon Bootloader

Attention!! After Motorola Photon bootloader is unlock, 4G networks will disable (cannot used). Don`t forget to […]

Block ads in android application and browser

Preparation Download RootExplorer Download and extract host.zip Root Android device Block ads in android applications and […]

Optimizing Android Tablet Performance

Install application that you realy need it, Close unnecessary applications, Pick application that doesn`t need lot of resource,Deactivate GPS / maps,Deactivate Animation

How to boot Samsung Galaxy W in recovery mode

How to boot Samsung Galaxy W in recovery mode Turn off the Galaxy W Hold and […]

Restore Contact From KIES to CyanogenMod 7

This is what you can do when the contact that already backup with CynogenMod 7 but […]

Customize Missed it! notification

Missed it! is an android application that use for modification notifacion miss call, coming sms and […]