Tethering using Android CDMA phone as modem


  • Download and install data enabler widget
  • Download and install Android-wifi-tether
  • Rooted CDMA Android phone

Tethering using Android CDMA phone

  1. Launch Android-wifi-tether, but do not start it.
  2. Select setting > settings
  3. At device profile select your device name
  4. At Setup-method select Netd(master)
  5. Enable Wifi-encryption (optional)
  6. Change SSID (optional)
  7. At LAN, check MSS clamping (enable)
  8. Place widget data enabler at homescreen
  9. Turn off the data packed, wait for a moment just to make sure it`s completely off.
  10. Turn on Android Wifi Tether
  11. Turn on the data packed
  12. Wait until the connection is stabilized
  13. Now it`s ready to connect with other device

After tethering is on, wait until the connection is stable before connect to other device.
An error code 67 mobile IP Error may occur, it`s ok, just wait until the connection is stable

If you are not sure if your device connection is ready, you can try to browsing in your device before other device connect.

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