The Advantage of Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Andoid 4 or android ice cream sandwich is the newest version from android family. In this version, some of android gingerbread has been upgrade. Here`s some features of android ice cream sandwich:

  1. Face unlock

    Android ice cream sandwich (android 4) introduce a completely new security technology, a feature that expect to improve the security of the device and make everyone device is more personal.
    with the “Face Unlock” feature, the android device can recognize the owner faces and unlock the screen by identifying user face.

  2. Android Beam

    android beam is an innovative feature where the owner of android device can exchanging data and information. Using NFC based technology, android ice cream sandwiches users can share data, favorite application, contacts, music, videos and files.
    One touch then you can easily transfer or share your data.

  3. New Lock Screen Action

    The new screen lock system in this version allows you to do activities without unlock the device. android ice cream sandwich allows you to create a shortcut on the locked screen that can access to the features that you want. eg, direct access to the camera or show music track that you playing.

  4. Text Input upgrade

    Text inputing is more fast and accurate. Corection and word suggest has been upgrade. Android ice cream sandwich add spell checker like in word editor (such as microsoft word or open office)

  5. Web browsing is more powerfull

You can find another android ice cream sandwich features ini here

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