The advantage of gingerbread than froyo

When you buy a phone, in this case an adroid phone. Then you saw on spesification, operating system gingerbread(2.3)/froyo(2.2). So? what`s the different?

Ok, here the advantage of gingerbread

  • Gingerbread have smooth graph and support for “hard” game.
  • Gingerbread is more responsive when running the games or applications that need lot of resources/
  • Support VoIP and SIP protocol. that`s mean, you can use yahoo messenger phone or skype.
  • Add more multimedia format, like AAC, AMR (audio format), VP8, and WebM (video format).
  • Support more advance task manager for monitoring and control active programs.
  • Gingerbread keyboard is more easy to use, with cut, copy and paste.
  • Add new application, a download manager.
  • Add soundmixer that makes better sound effect
  • support Multiple camera (including front camera) for video call.
  • Support more censor, like Gyroscrope, rotation vector, gravity, barometer sensors, and linear acceleration.
  • Support NFC

Note, even gingerbread have all the advantage above, the device may limit the gingerbread ability.

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