The Reasons Why You Should Root Android

reason to root android

Do you have devices that using Android Operating System on it?
Yes, Today android is use by many phone or tablet device from different vendor and all range end device.

Each of vendors often add or make modifications to the android and make a special feature may not have by another android even though it has the same version.

As an Android owner,  someone maybe asked you, “Is your android root?

What is Root?

Basically,  root is open full  access into the android system. By default, this access is closed/blocked by a vendor with a many reasons. With full access in to android operating system make user able make some modifications in system.
However, you need to know that the service center will usually refuse warranty claim for the root device. The main reason is the error that occurs because the system has been modified by you and it`s not vendor fault.
But don’t worry, you can unroot android you when it is needed. You can flash using defaults ROM that suitable with device.

The advantages from android that has been root

1. Remove default applications that you don’t use

There some default application you never use are installed in your device, it certainly will take some from your storage space. Some applications even run in the background even you don’t want it, this will certainly consume device memory. Remove / uninstall unnecessary application mean  save some storage space and memory devices.

2. using a Custom ROM or Custom Kernel to improve the performance of the device.

Custom ROM is a modification from default ROM. Of course each of these ROMs have their own advantages. You can select the ROM that you want to use for your device. But you must remain cautious because when you are using ROM that does not compatible will cause your device work more slowly or maybe get problems such as brick device.

The Kernel is a script control the driver, power management and others, so it has a huge impact on the performance of your device. Overclocking your device is possible.

Custom ROM and Kernel Custom is generally developed by the community, so it is better to consulting with other forum member before you decide to change your ROM.

3. Some simple trick works only on the Root condition 

There are some basic feature that actually can do without install an application . But it`s only work in android that has been root, Hide file is one simple trick that can only be done in  root android.

4. Update the android version more faster

Android community is very passionate and impetuous. Each time android release update version then the community will soon make a unofficial android based on newest android version that compatible with their beloved device. So you can count as your benefits, because you don`t need wait to long for try new android version.

5. Install the unofficial applications

Oke, this is the grey area. I can say it`s good or bad. There some applications that need root condition to run properly. Some other applications that you cannot find in store because it developed by community.

On the other hand, you also can install application that should pay for free., Such as games, utility tools etc. But as you know, some malware is hidden in those application so it`s better to careful each time installing those applications.


By doing root on your phone/tablet device, you can dress up your android and make it different look and taste from your friend, your family or other that using same devices.

creative android homescreen

So, is there any reason to not root your device?
Good luck.

The Reasons Why You Should Root Android

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