Things that makes Powerbank Drop


Power bank is become another thing that must have for Smartphone / tablet owner. But in daily use, we often saw people use power bank without knowing that what they do is wrong.

It would be awful if your power bank can not use when it needed because the battery is drop. To prevent this happen, here some tips for keep your power bank battery life span longer.

Recharge power bank and charging the device.

Some people thing that this method is more efficient because they can do two things in one time. But this method is (very) not recommended! This action can make battery restless and also make usage span shorten.

Not Full Recharge Power Bank

Power bank main part is rechargeable battery and it is different with adapter that changes AC to DC. The main reason is with full recharge mean we fill every cell inside the battery to optimal.

This can keep active each cell inside the battery. When this condition is not meet then the battery can easily drop or shorten their usage

Overcharge Power bank

Remember, Power bank is still batteries. There is a standards and limit for each battery. Read the manual, If they say two hours is enough then make sure not charge your power bank more than that.

Overtime charging make battery get more heat than it should be, this also condition that can make damage in battery cells.

Things that makes Powerbank Drop

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