Things that you should know about Sony Xperia Z

Here`s some question that mostly ask around sony xperia z. Maybe you should read this first before buy or do some thing that could break your device


The difference between Sony Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

  • Design
    Xperia Z have glass rear cover and flat, in Xperia ZL the rear cover made from plastic and slightly convex.
  • Dimension and weight
    Even have similar series but xperia Z slightly longer and thinner than xperia ZL, it also makes ZL (151 gr)is heavier that Z (146 gr)
  • Camera
    Xperia Z using 2,2 MP camera for front camera and Xperia ZL 2 MP, no difference in rear camera (13 MP)
  • Battery
    Xperia Z (2330 mAh) and Xperia ZL (2370 mAh). both are unremovable.
  • Endurance
    Xperia Z is dust proof and water proof but not with Xperia ZL
  • Connectivity
    Xperia Z doesn`t have IR remote but you can find it in Xperia ZL

About Xperia Z Screen and scratch proof

Sony never claim that they using gorilla glass / dragontrail for Xperia Z. But Sony says that they using glass that equivalent spect to gorill glass or dragontail, with this glass xperia z is also scratch proof.
Even it claim as scratch proof, you should know that event resistance have their limit. The glass can scratch by other object that more studier. In normal condition, the scratch is only at shatterproof sheet.
Shatterproof sheet is coating layer that protects the glass shattered when dropped. If you want add screen protector just do without remove those sheet, it doesn`t affect in screen sensitivity.

About Xperia Z water resistance

Ok, so you want try xperia z water resistance? here`s some note for it ..

  • Make sure that all cover well and thight
  • The depth is no more that 1 meter (do not try it at sea)
  • Max time for the device in water is approximately 30 minutes
  • Sea water can damage the device
  • Use water with normal temperature

After the device drowned, in some case the speaker output become lower than it should be. Just wait, it will normal after a few minutes.

Other Tips For Xperia Z

  • To capture screenshoot use Power + Volume[-] buttons
  • To Restart the device use Power + Volume[+] buttons and hold it for 5 sec
  • To test the device dial *#*#7378423#*#

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