Tips for Smartphone LCD leaked

tip to fix lcd leaked

Even you thought that your smartphone is the strongest phone, but when it hit, bump or dropped it have probability to get some damage. LCD as one major component often receive direct impact. Although the vendor claims that the device strong enough after dropped or other extreme condition, possibility that it will broke still exist.

It sucks when you look at your smartphone screen and saw that your LCD has something that it should not to be there (lcd leak). The LCD leak is usually like something bluish or purplish spots such as crossed out by bolpoint. About LCD damage levels can vary.

To fix it you can bring it to the service center or when you can afford fixing it on its own. But when it`s only have a light damage may be these tips could fix it.

Tips for fix lcd leak

  1. Turn off your beloved smartphone
  2. Open the rear cover and remove all (battery, simcard, memory card)
  3. Put it in to plastic bag and make sure that water cannot enter
    (if you are not sure, it could use a few layers of plastic)
  4. is then input into the freezer
  5. Let stand it for one night

After you remove it from the freezer, make sure the handset is completely dry before you turn on your device. After you turn it on and there are still leaks, it means damage to the device you worse than you can imagine.

This way already in tested and succeed. DO WITH YOUR OWN RISK!


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