tips : the difference of original iPhone and replica

If someone offers you the iphone with a much cheaper price than the original, you should be aware. today, fake iphone more and more similar to the original, but you do not worry there are a few tips so that you avoid buying fake iphone.

  1. For 2G only .. not other than an iron backcase.
  2. Check the Serial Number and IMEI at backcase, do a cross check with the serial number on box.
  3. Also check in settings>> general>> about.
  4. Original iPhone’s only have internal memory. It means can not be added.
  5. Before you buy, borrow your friend iPhone, you will definitely know the difference with the iPhone replica.
  6. Motion in the iPhone OS and certainly feel the difference.
  7. Try to connect to a laptop and connect to iTunes, if not detected definitely replica.
  8. The box

To further ensure these things please observe the following:

  1. Common traits of the fake iPhone : The screen is not sensitive and lagging
  2. While other characteristics that clearly differ from the original iPhone (collected from various types CiPhone):
    • The screen does not support 16 million colors.
    • Homescreen there are only 4 lines (3 for applications, one for the dock).
    • There are no labels icon.
    • typeface (font) used a different, larger, more bold.
    • sometimes there are still uses letters / Chinese kanji.
    • weird loading screen, a typical mobile phone china.
    • infrared.
    • radio.
    • TV.
    • dual-sim.
    • There are dual OS!.
    • YouTube icon connected with the media player application
    • ¬†etc

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