Transparant Status Bar in Android


How to make transparent status bar in android?

Here`s tutorial how to do it. you`ll need a image editor (such as Photoshop) to make it happen.

  1. Open CMD and go to ADB file Directory. type this in adb

    pull /system/framework/framework-res.apk C: /

  2. Open framework-res.apk that located in directory C:/ but do not extract those file. Just open using winrar or similiar application. Let the winrar window Open.
  3. Go to folder res/drawable-mdpi, then copy


  4. using Photoshop or Image Editor (or another similiar aplication), edit the png images to transparent.
  5. Save with same name every of them and put them back to res/drawable-mdpi. (if you are using winrar/winzip, you can easily drag and drop, select overwrite)
  6. Copy framework-res.apk (that has been edited) to folder ADB and transfer the framework-res.apk back to /system/framework/framework.
    Don`t use RootExplorer !!
    Do this in ADB

    adb push-res.apk framework / sdcard
    adb shell
    $ su / / if it is a hash mark just skip this
    # mount-o remount, rw-t yaffs2 / dev/block/mtdblock4 / system
    # mv / system / framework / framework-res.apk / system / framework / framework-res.apkq
    # cat / sdcard / framework-res.apk> / system / framework / framework-res.apk
    # reboot

  7. Done.

Transparant Status Bar in Android

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