Turn Off Android Camera Sound

Are you try to make your android keep silence everytime took a picture but always fail?
In some Region, it`s forbidden to make digital camera silence when took a picture. I hope you know what i mean. We do this just for curioity.

Make sure your android is already root.
Read Tutorial how to root android

How to turn off camera sound

  1. Open Root explorer or File manager that can access root folder
  2. Go to system/media/audio/ui
  3. Find Shutter_01.ogg file
  4. Rename it, an easy way just add extension (ex:cam_start.ogg become cam_start.ogg.bak)
  5. Done

Now you`ll never hear any sound each time you took a picture from camera.
To turn on the sound, just rename the file become original name.

Turn Off Android Camera Sound

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