Tutorial add, replace and change Sound in Android

How to add new sound in android

This sound including ringtones, notifications, alarm. doesn`t any application or root device. So, it`s completely manual.

  1. Create folder “media” at SDcard (result: /media)
  2. Go to media folder and create “audio” folder (result: /media/audio)
  3. go to audio folder and create :
    • “ringtones” folder (/media/audio/ringtones)
    • “notifications” folder (/media/audio/notifications)
    • “alarm” folder (/media/audio/alarm)
  4. Insert new audio and place them according where those sound will use.(doesn`t need to convert to .ogg)
  5. Check on sound settings, the new added sound should be on the list

UI sound customize

Root device only! and the sound should be in .ogg files.

  1. Use rootexplorer (or any similiar application) and go to /system/media/audio/ui
  2. mount R/W the folder
  3. Inside ui folder you`ll find many ogg files
  4. Make backup for sound that you want to change or add .bak to every files that you want to replace. (ex: lock.ogg -> lock.ogg.bak)
  5. Rename the new file sound exactly the same with the old ones. Case sensitive!!
  6. Don`t forget to set the new sound file permission like the old ones.
  7. Reboot and do some test

Change the bootsound

Root device only!

  1. Prepare the sound that you want to make as boot sound. (make sure that sound is less then 9 sec)
  2. give a name those file, poweron.ogg. (case sensitive)
  3. copy the file (the new one).
  4. launch rootexplorer, set as mounted as R/W
  5. Open menu -> search, type poweron.ogg, take a note for poweron.ogg folder path.
  6. Using rootexplorer go to the path folder from previous step.
  7. it`s better to make backup before do this, rename the original file. ex: poweron.ogg.bak
  8. Do paste.
  9. Set the permission same as the original poweron.ogg.
  10. Reboot

Tutorial add, replace and change Sound in Android

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