Tutorial Install v6 supercharger in LG Optimus One


  • Busybox installed (v1.19.2 or lower!)
  • Script Manager
  • V6 SuperCharger script by zeppelinrox

YOUR LG Optimus must be Root before doing this!

How to Install v6 supercharger

  1. Open script manager
    • Click browse as root and allow / remember
    • Superuser click OK
  2. Select V6 SuperCharger file (make sure this file is already in your SDcard)
  3. When a popup come out, active the “Fav” and “Su” icons then click “Run”.
    active the “Fav” makes you easier to access it.
    MAKE SURE Boot icon is inactive!!
  4. Text will start to scroll, this action will check all necessary aplication. For scrolling option choose no 1 (fast).
  5. Choose “Yes” for option create local.prop.
  6. Choose “Yes” for option init.rc
  7. Choose “No” for option your home is locked in memory
  8. now follow the instruction, until you find option menu (1-31)
  9. Next step is remove GV’s baked-in SuperCharger, pick option number 15 (UnSuperCharger)
  10. After the previous process is done, pick option number 29 (Restart)
  11. The device will restart
  12. Open Script Manager and launch V6 script (again).
    or you can open script manager and click menu-favourites (result from step 3).
  13. Choose “YES”, if option for create local.prop and init.rc is asking again.
  14. After the menu (like step 8) is show up, pick number 7 (Super UL (Aggresive) x.x.x.x), and wait until the process is done.
  15. Pick number 29 (restart)
  16. After restart, relaunch v6 script
  17. Do like before until you at the menu (1-31)
  18. Pick number 13, OOm Grouping Fixed + Bullet Proff launcer
  19. Pick number 20, Nitro Lag nullifier
  20. Pick number 18, Engine Flush
  21. Pick number 30
  22. After Reboot Open v6 Script, find this text
    • OOM Grouping Fixes ARE in effect!
    • Current values MATCH Prior SuperCharge!
    • Nitro Lag Nullifier is Installed!

Congratulation!! V6 now in your optimus One

note: Choose yes for create local.prop and init.rc is an important step if you don`t want fail for Tweak.

Download Support Files

Which ROM is working with this tweaks?

  • Android 2.2
    • MegaTron
    • Devoid
    • Void.Final
    • OpenOptimus
  • Android 2.3.3
    • OpenOptimus v2
    • AGA-ROM v1.4
    • GB_v20g_v2
    • (And many more Custom 2.3.3)
  • Android 2.3.4
    • Void.Forever
    • CyanogenMod 7 for Optimus T
    • Andy’s GB 2.3.4 (Phoenix)
  • Android 2.3.5
    • CyanogenMod 7.1 by mik
    • v6.5.7
    • v6.6.1
    • CyanogenMMatt v1.1
    • SonyGenMod v1.1 (Coming Soon)
  • Android 2.3.7
    • Arc_os
    • CM7 6.5.8
    • Ice Cyancream sandwich love
    • Mik’o’Void (kezvoid)
    • Gingercrust
    • CosmicEXperia
    • etc

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