Unbrick Ainol Novo 7 Aurora II (Windows)


  • Download and extract Repair card
  • Download and extract Aurora II 0607 Repair Card Image File
  • Micro SD with Fat32 format (min. 512 mb)

Unbrick Aurora II

  1. Open microSD from PC/laptop
  2. Copy Aurora II 0607 Repair Card Image File to MicroSD
  3. Go to repair_card extract folder
  4. Open the first folder
  5. Run USB Image Tool
  6. Select MicroSD
  7. Click Favorites tab
  8. Click Add
  9. Open Aurora II 0607 Repair Card Image File folder.
  10. After click add, rename file image
  11. Click restrore, if you got a messege just click Yes/Ok
  12. Wait until process done, after restore process complete you`ll find that microSD partition has been change become 462 mb
  13. Turn off Aurora II
  14. Remove MicroSD from PC/laptop than insert to Ainol Novo 7 Aurora II
  15. Press and hold Power Button for 30 sec then press Volume[-] button, the old file ROM will overwrite automatically with the new one (v0607).
  16. Next flash the ROM with other custom official/ROM
  17. Done

Note: microSD partition can be rearrange using partition application

Do With Your own Risk

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