Unlock Motorola Photon Bootloader

After Motorola Photon bootloader is unlock, 4G networks will disable (cannot used). Don`t forget to make a backup (nandroid)


  • Download and extract RSD Lite and driver
  • Download and extract Unlock SBF (photon-pudding)
  • Download and extract moto-fastboot
  • Installed Android SDK

tips: placed RSD Lite, driver and unlock SBF in one folder to make easier later.

Unlock Motorola Phtoon Bootloader

  1. copy moto-fastboot extract file to android-sdk/tools (it will overwrite file with same name)
  2. Run RSD Lite
  3. at filename do browse file, find and select derpunlock.sbf (this file from photon-pudding extract folder)
  4. Turn off your photon
  5. Press and hold Power + Volume[+] buttons until the motorola logo come up with a messege “Starting RSD Protocol”
  6. Connect the device to PC/Laptop via USB
  7. Wait until windows install motorola photon driver
  8. After RSD lite say the device connected
  9. Click at device model, a device properties will come up
  10. Click Start
  11. Wait until the process is done
  12. You`ll meet a messege “Failed flasing process. failed flasing process. photon…”, do not panic .. it`s normal.. go to next steps
  13. remove the device from PC/laptop
  14. remove the battery for a few sec and put it back.
  15. Turn on the device … let it boot in normal mode.
  16. Ok, it`s boot normally and without problem, now turn it off.
  17. Press and hold Power + Volume[-] buttons until it`s boot in fastboot mode
  18. At windows, open command prompt (start > run, type cmd)
  19. type command

    cd c:\android-sdk\tools
    moto-fastboot oem unlock

    nb: path can be change depend where your android-sdk installed

  20. Look at “Unique ID of your device”, you`ll need those ID for next step
  21. type

    moto-fastboot oem unlock UNIQUE ID

  22. Remove the device from PC/laptop
  23. Turn off the device and remove the battery for few sec before put it back
  24. Turn on, if your successed to unlock you`ll see text “unlock” at top left when booting
  25. Done. motorola photon is already unclock

Trouble that may occure

The “secure_motorola_flash” interface could not be found the super-file is secure and for re-flash, the phone needs a super-file that is not secure and for reflash. (0x7066)
Solution: make sure that you already in fastboot mode, change the USB port and do not connect to photon before PC/laptop

Do With Your Own Risk 

Download Support Files

Unlock Motorola Photon Bootloader

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