Unlock Motorola Xoom Bootloader

Warning!! Unlock Motorola Xoom bootloader will cause factory reset and format internal card. So do backup for necessary apk/data and remove external SDcard before unlock the bootloader.


  • Download and install Motorola Xoom driver
  • Download and install SDK-Android
  • Download and install ADB

Unlock Motorola Xoom Bootloader

  1. Go to menu > settings > application > development
  2. Check USB Debugging (enable)
  3. Check Stay Awake (enable)
  4. Check Allow mock location (enable)
  5. Connect xoom to PC/Laptop and wait until driver installation done
  6. Open command prompt (xp: start > run, type cmd)
  7. Change the working path, type

    cd c:\SDK\tools

    the path can be different depend where your SDK placed.

  8. Find out that device is connect and recognize

    adb device

    if the device is undetected try to reinstall the driver and make sure that USB debugging is already check (enable)

  9. Reboot xoom using adb command

    adb reboot bootloader

  10. Wait until Motorola Xoom reboot and booting in fastboot
  11. do oem unlock, type

    fastboot oem unlock

  12. Xoom will ask to continue the process, answer yes
  13. Reboot
  14. Done, the Motorola Xoom is unlock .

Do With Your Own Risk


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