UnRoot ZTE Light Plus

This unroot process is only work if the ZTE light Plus is root using DoomLoRD Rooting ZTE Light Plus using Windows 7. If your device is root with another method is very not recommand to use this method for unroot.


  • Download and extract DooMLoRD_v1_UNROOTING_for_zte.zip, , rename extract folder with simple folder name (ex: unroot)
  • The device must identified as ZTE Composite ADB Interface in windows, read Rooting ZTE Light Plus using Windows 7 to see how.

Unroot ZTE Light Plus

  1. Go to Menu > Settings > Applications
  2. Check Unknow Source (enable)
  3. Go to Menu > Settings > Applications > Development
  4. Check Usb Debugging
  5. Connect ZTE Light Plus to PC/laptop
  6. At windows, start > run type cmd
  7. In command prompt type

    cd c:\unroot
    .\files\adb devices

    the target folder can be different

  8. if you see “V9PLUS_GENERIC device“, mean the tablet is detected.
  9. in command prompt type


  10. Wait until the Rooting process is complete.
  11. reboot and done

note: busybox and superuser also remove after the unroot process

Download Support File

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