Upgrade Ainol Novo 7 Aurora Firmware


Upgrade Ainol Novo 7 Aurora Firmware

  1. Run livesuit
  2. Click ‘box’ icon to open browse file
  3. Find and select custom ROM that already downloaded
  4. Turn off Ainol Novo 7 Aurora
  5. Press and Hold volume[+] button
  6. Connect the device to PC/laptop
  7. Press Power buttons rapidly, until you hear the connected sound
  8. After Novo 7 detected, livesuit will ask to format, answer Yes
  9. Second Question, is to upgrade answer with Yes
  10. Wait until the process end
  11. After the process is done, another pop up windows will come up, answer OK
  12. Now, remove novo 7 aurora from PC/laptop
  13. Turn on the device.
  14. Follow the instructions
  15. Reboot
  16. Done


  • If you fail to connect at step7, just try to reconnect and make sure to hold the volume button when you hit the power button.
  • The first reboot maybe take some times, just wait with patience

Do With Your Own Risk

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