Upgrade Ainol Novo7 Advance II firmware to ICS 4.0.3


  • Download ICS 4.0.3 firmware (pick one from below)
  • Download and extract Live Suit

Upgrade Ainol Novo7 Advance II Frameware

  1. Place the firmware inside live suit extract folder
  2. Run LiveSuitPack_v1.07.exe (just once, next time skip this step)
  3. Run LiveSuit.exe
  4. Answer “yes” at welcome window
  5. Click at leftmost icon.
  6. Select firmware
  7. Turn off Ainol Novo7, it`s better to wait a few sec before turn it up
  8. Press and hold menu button
  9. Connect the device to PC/Laptop (still hold the menu button)
  10. Repeatedly press the power button until you hear connect sound in your PC/Laptop
  11. Live Suit will ask to Format answer with YES
  12. At dialog upgrade, asnwer with YES
  13. Wait until the process is done then click OK
  14. Remove the device from PC/laptop
  15. Done your firmware is already upgrade to 4.0.3

note: the first boot will took times, just wait patience. Don`t forget to change the language setting.

Ainol Novo7 Advance II firmware ICS 4.0.3

note: rename the file, avoid the chinese character in name.

Download Support file

Upgrade Ainol Novo7 Advance II firmware to ICS 4.0.3

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