Using Galaxy Gio as WebCam

Want Webcams but do not have any?

Easy, use your Galaxy GIO as a WebCam. First grab all aplication that we need. IPWebCam, ManyCam, adapter (for the PC), Install all of it to your PC

After installed the IP WebCam Galaxy on your galaxy Gio, run WIFI Connection. after Galaxy Gio and your PC is connecting, activate IP webcams and select Start Server. Select “How do i connect”, select the wifi router.

Follow step by step instruction. Usually it`s depends on your galaxy Gio IP eg: “” just type the address in our browser.

Next steps is run Manycam in your PC, and select Source> Camera select the adapter (MJPEG Adapter) until the image appears. Do not forget to set its properties and input the IP address above.

IM, Skype, Camfrog, and kingpin Google Hangout guaranteed way smoothly. So please try …

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