What to do after buying the IPhone?

I have a friend. He was very lucky, a friend presented him with its capacity of a 16GB iPhone 3G, still original, and Factory Unlock .  Factory Unlock means you can use any SIM card, not tied to a specific provider.

My friend asked me, “what should I do with this iPhone?”. “Insert SIM card and ready to be use it for the CALL and SMS”  I answered shortly. Yes indeed such that the functions of a mobile phone, including iPhone. But for a precious iPhone, you certainly can expect more than that.

In this post I will explain what you should do when you first have an iPhone. There are three things you must do:

First, a list of the iTunes Store account.

ITunes Store account to function to download the applications draw on the iTunes Store, which can increase the functionality of an iPhone.

To register your iTunes Store account can be made directly through the iPhone, but this way requires a credit card, do I go to Settings – Store – Create New Apple ID

Or it could be done via iTunes on the computer, this way lets you do not need to use a Credit Card. Accounts that are registered without using a credit card can only be used to download free content such as applications or games.

If you want to use to pay to download content such as games or applications, it is necessary to use a credit card when registering. We recommend that you use iTunes on your own computer to sign up for iTunes Store account.

What if do not have your own computer, whether on a computer may have a friend or relative? Okay but just for signing up your iTunes Store account.

How do I register an account via the iTunes Store for free computer?, Please read Here

If you already have an iTunes Store account, what should you do next? On the iPhone, please go to Settings – Store – Sign In. Fill in your Apple ID with your e-mail address you used when registering your iTunes Store account and typing the password and click OK.

Next you can look around applications or games that exist in the iTunes Store or App Store. To download an application can be done right on your iPhone or through iTunes on the computer …

Second, dowload and install iTunes on the computer itself.

The latter is not a must, it’s just better if you have iTunes on your own computer.

Its usefulness for anything? By having its own iTunes you can:

  • Add music (mp3), videos, & photos from your computer to the iPhone
  • Backing up data the iPhone to the computer (contact data, notes, photos, & data applications / games)
  • Downloading apps / games directly on your computer (via iTunes Store)
  • Upgrade the IOS when there are newer versions of Apple

What if you only have one computer at home is shared by the family, could not if iTunesnya used together with other family members who also have an iPhone?

The answer is YOU CAN. But for the iTunes Store account must have its own and each family member should do Authorize iTunes Store account in iTunes are. Authorize In this process, the computer must be connected to the internet. Authorize easy way, assuming each family member already has the iTunes Store account, launch iTunes, click Store – Authorize.

Enter the e-mail address that you used in the Apple ID and password that you created in the Password, then click Authorize.

Wait for the process, make sure the computer connected to the internet.

If successful will be out the picture as follows:


Third, Sync your iPhone with iTunes (computer)

Last thing that you must do is to sync iPhone with iTunes on the computer itself. I have to say on any profits to sync iPhone with iTunes on your computer, please read again if you already forgotten it ^ _ ^

If you buy a new iPhone or accept a gift the new iPhone. New meaning here, iPhonenya never in sync with iTunes on the computer, then there is no problem when you attempt to sync iPhone with iTunes on the computer itself. But if you buy a second iPhone the iPhone or accept gifts that have been filled with a variety of applications and music and video, then all applications, music, & videos will disappear and be replaced with what you

source : What should you do when you first have an iPhone

What to do after buying the IPhone?

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