• Developer : WhatsApp Inc
  • Compability : iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian

What the whatsapp is?

Whatsapp is messenger application that similar with the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) which was originally made ​​for the Iphone. today the application can be run on the Blackberry, Android and Symbian. This application allows your handphone can connected with Blackberry Or chat with Iphone, Android, etc..

Actually there are five app that adoption from blackberry messenger system, they are Cnectd, Pingchat, pMessenger, Live profile, and WhatsApp. Integration into the system, the PIN system, stability, features and development process, makes WhatsApp is the best application in this class.”

How to get WhatsApp?

First you need to install the application. WhatsApp support 4 Mobile Operating System, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Symbian. You can download in whatsapp official site.

After The application installed, you need to accept “END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT” and give your phone number.

Next, make a nickname … and done


  1. Not Text Only
    WhatsApp has a feature to send a Picture, Video, Voice and GPS Location. hardware via GPS or Gmaps. The media instantly displayed and is not a link.
  2. Integrated into the system
    WhatsApp like sms, no need to open the application to receive a message. Notification of incoming messages, ringtones, and vibrating. When HP is off, messages will still be delivered as if HP is ON.
  3. Status Message.
    There will be four icons that appear and explain the status of the message.

    • Red clock : for the loading process at our HP
    • Check mark : if the message sent to the network
    • Double check mark : if the message has been sent to a chat friends
    • Red Cross : if the message failed

  4. Broadcast and Group Chat
    Broadcast to send a message to many users. Group chat to send messages to fellow members of the community.
  5. Save Bandwidth
    It integrates with the system, then no need to log in and loading contact / avatars, so that more efficient data transactions. App can be turned off, and only active if there is an incoming message, so they can save battery.

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