Which one to buy: Tablet PC or Smartphone?

smartphone vs tabletpc

Today, there`s so many tablet PC and smartphone in market. As a buyer with limited pocket, this definitely became a huge problem. Maybe this tips can help you to decide which one that suit for you.

Here`s the thought:

  1. Design
    Smartphone is smaller than tablet PC. If you like putt anything in your pocket smartphone is best choise, but if always bought a bag everywhere tablet PC maybe the best choise. The main reason is screen size. Watching movie or works is more enjoyable with wider screen.
  2. Performance
    Multi tasking became most important thing. Some Smartphone does not support for this. Processor and memory is the key to get a high performance. Most of tablet Pc have a higher processor and memory than smartphone
  3. Battery
    Smartphone battery has a standby time is longer than the tablet pc. By design, smartphone batteries are designed for 24 hours while the tablet PC is only for use within certain time
  4. Storage
    Tablet pc usually has a greater storage capacity than smartphones, and other benefits which is owned by the tablet pc is USB slots that allow users to more flexible using flashdisk
  5. How much money we have
    yes .. the important thing is our fund. Find smartphone or tablet PC that appropriate with our pocket.

Which one to buy: Tablet PC or Smartphone?

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