Windows 7 cannot read sony xperia z internal storage

case: When you connect xperia z to PC / Laptop, windows 7 only read your microSD. If microSD removed, windows nor PC companion cannot detect the device.


This error occur because the windows 7 is roll back, and it makes MTP driver get a problem.

Make Windows 7 can detect xperia z as Media Transfer Mode

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Open Device Manager
  3. Find Portable device and open the root
  4. You`ll saw your device name (xperia z)
  5. Do right click, then select Update Driver Software
  6. You can choose two method for driver update
    • If you choose automatically update, make sure that your PC/Laptop have internet connection
    • For Manual update, choose xperia z driver
  7. Follow the instruction
  8. Done

Note: if after driver update your device still unregocnize, then try to unplug the device from Pc/Laptop then reconnect

Do With Your Own Risk

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